The BasicPower™ Unit (BPU™) employs a multifaceted approach to Power Quality coupled with the ability to reduce kWh consumption and kW demand by creating efficiencies within the electrical system in your facility and recycling distorted electrical energy back into fundamental power.

The BPU™ is a solid state device with no moving parts or microprocessor control and achieves its power quality and energy savings through the instantaneous reaction of interwoven magnetic fields within a sophisticated and powerful electromagnetic reactor that compensates for anomalies within the electrical system and automatically adjust to distribute the proper amount of electricity to each
operating load.

Innovative and Unique

The BPU™ is the only technology in the world that uses electromagnetics to monitor and control multiple power quality issues within a single unit. Unlike other single function power quality technologies, the BPU™ does not discard the distorted power you have purchased but cannot use. The BPU™ reactor optimizes your electricity by restructuring external and internal electrical distortions and returning them to the fundamental sinusoidal wave thus creating useful, more efficient, power.

The Basic Power Unit (BPU™) Overview

Use what you pay for. Buy only what you need

The BPU™ is a multifunctional power quality transformer that reduces kWh consumption while significantly clipping kW demand spikes. The BPU™ makes the electrical energy within your facility more efficient so that you consume less.

  • kWh reduction
  • kW spike clipping
  • Voltage optimization
  • Harmonic filtration
  • Phase balancing
  • Power factor correction
  • Sag & surge mitigation
  • Surge & lightning suppression
  • Reduced maintenance on equipment

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